First -  The story that was known by the artist that includes the information about the
featured setting, names and personal history about the subjects featured, and any
other works created by the artist.  For vintage and antique prints, time has taken its
toll and much of this information has been lost.

Second - The story that is known by those who have inherited their prints or have
current first hand knowledge about their prints.  These are very exciting to everyone
who owns their own special print.

This page has been set up to share some of these stories with our visitors.  If you
happen to see yours, you will see we only changed the information that could have
been clues for others to learn your identity.  

Thank you to everyone who has shared with us, as well as the stories to come.
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I have a Sonata with the tag in the front and have had this wonderful painting for over 14
years.  It was given to me by my X Sister-in law. Everyone loves it when they go by it they
has something good to say of it. One day my best friend was working and caring for an
elderly lady who asked her to sit and have some tea with her and said "I have something
for you". It was wrapped in newspaper and she said it was a gift. When my friend came
over to my house with the wrapped gift and opened it, it was a Sonata. I had always told
her that the lady in the print was her anyway.  I now live in Florida and she in New Jersey
and both still have our Sonata and will never let them go. It is like a looking glass for us.
I just called her to let her know I was going to share our story.

Hello, I wanted to share a with just a little about my "Sonata". As a little girl growing up in
my grandmother's house, I always admired the beautiful painting the that hung over the
antique stereo. Even as adult, when walking through her home, something always drawn
to this mysterious women playing the piano. I would stare at her, wondering why she was
alone, what song was she playing, and if someone was in the next room listening to her.

This painting is in the background of almost every snapshot taken at my grandmothers
house. When looking through old photos, someone always yells out..."there's grandmas

My grandmother passed away this May and the family all decided that to give the "Sonata"
to me. It hangs in my bedroom so i can look at it every night before I fall asleep.   
 M. Ditlef

My great-aunt has this picture over her piano.  I've always admired this picture and have
just recently found the information on your website.  It is "Sonata" by M. Ditlef.  Do you
ever come across larger prints of this?  There is one that was sold listed on your website
that is about the size I would be looking for.  Thank you for your website and I will be back
M. Ditlef  

I have been looking for this print for years, I found a lady that had a different print by
Ditlef. She gave me the name that was signed on the print and I went on the web to try
and find it. It was not easy but after much search, I find your site.
My Aunt, who has passed away, had this print in her home for years. She gave it away
when she got sick and no one knows who she gave it to. In January of this year I bought
the house that she lived in, (It was my great grandparents home 80 years old). My best
memory of the home as a child is that this print hung in the living room, I thought it was
the prettiest thing I had ever seen. I would like to put one back in the same place as the
original was.   
Frederic Mizen

I wish to purchase the Mizen print “Love Letters”.   Thanks for going to all of this trouble
and I'm glad you were able to find this print for me.  This print has some sentimental value
to me.  My mother had one of these prints when I was growing up and my aunt had the
Harp and Piano by Frederic Mizen.  I don't know if you are old enough to remember S&H
Green Stamps, but that is how they purchased them.  I always loved those prints and
came across the "Harp & Piano" at an antique store which I purchased.  So, I thought it
would be fun to have them both - my daughter loves them too!  I sent your website to my
sister as well since she is also interested.  I see you have quite a selection.  Thanks for
having such an exciting site - I hope to be able to get another soon.  Again, thanks for your
Frederic Mizen

I have a print “Song of Love” by M. Ditlef that was part of my aunt's estate.  She passed
away about two years ago and she was in her 90's.  I believe she got it from her friends
estate.  Her last name was Roeher or something like that.  Her friend's name was also
hand written on the paper.  My aunt lived in Detroit.  Her friend lived in Detroit and/or
Ohio.  It could have been purchased at Sears or also a store called J. L. Hudson's which is
an old department store in that area.  I don't know if that store is still in business.  There
were no tags or stickers from the retailer on it.  Love to visit your website.   
M. Ditlef

I have had this painting "Blue Danube" hanging in my various homes my entire life. I am
55 years old. The story goes that my father purchased the painting in Bowling Green,
Kentucky sometime between 1941 and 1951. The approximate size is 25"x 30" with the
artist's signature in the upper left corner.  Glad to know about your website.   
Marguerite Pearson

Before she died, my aunt gave me a picture of "Sonata" that had been hanging over her
sofa for 50 years.  Could you please tell me it's history and anything else about it?    
M. Ditlef

I received the two pictures today..."Enchantment" and "Duet".  I have all of Ditlef's works
in my living room - "Allegro", "Sonata", "Interlude" and the 2 new ones.  Just beautiful.
Also, I want one for my mother and would be most appreciative of your advice on choices
and sizes. As always, thanks for recreating something very special.   
Antoni Ditlef

I have searched long and hard for someone to assist me with a painting  or print that I
have. I found your web site and saw the painting or print that I have. It is the "Allegro" as
you have listed on your web site. Can you tell me how I know if this print or painting I have
is real?  The possible worth of the painting and what determines this paintings worth. I am
not looking at this time to get rid of it but I am wondering its worth and if it’s something I
should hang on to.  It was my great grandmothers and I would appreciate any information
that you can send to assist me. Thank you very much and I greatly appreciate it.  
Antoni Ditlef

I have an "Allegro" painting that I may be interested in selling. How would I go about doing
this and how much is the painting worth?  I love your website and have never seen
anything like it.  
Antoni Ditlef

Wow, thanks.  Yes it has J Richard on the left hand side of mine as well.  The parlor room
that I am making Victorian only has one wall really to put pictures on because the other
walls only have windows.  We'll be in it in September.  I was able to take pictures after
inquiring and noticed this dilemma.  But I'm glad to have this resource.  Thanks for all the
info and if there are smaller prints that would be helpful.    

We found a painting in the basement of my husbands Grandmother. She gave us the
painting. It has Antoni Ditlef written on the painting. Your home page, showed the same
painting as mine, called, "Interlude". How many are out there? What are the chances we
found one?   
Antoni Ditlef

I was extremely happy with the 3 calendars and Victorian Art Archives book.  Your
items have added so much joy to our family.  

While growing up, my mother had the "Morning Melodies" (McGrew) print, hanging in
our living room.  I am a female musician and adored that piece.  My middle sister ended
up getting the picture, but all 3 of us girls wanted it.  In fact, it has been a real sore
spot between us.   
R. Brownell McGrew

We never knew who the artist (of this print) was, therefore, we had no idea how to
purchase another.  Well, I have been researching, on the Internet, for years and have
never come close to finding out the artist's name, until I found your calendars and
book.  I bought one calendar and a book for myself and the other 2 calendars for my
sisters.  They flipped out when I presented them with the calendar and told them to
look at April's picture.  Then I got out the book and we proceeded to read every little
detail.  Since then I have purchased M. Ditlef's "Sonata".  When my sisters saw it, they
cried, because it resembles the "Morning Melodies" print and brings back so many

Now we have a means and way to get a little bit of our childhood back at your website.

My mom bought the "Morning Melodies" print from an estate sale, in the early 1960's.  
She had it framed in a beautiful hand carved frame, unlike any I have seen.  I think the
artist's name may have been cut when the print was put into the frame.  Maybe that is
why we never knew who the artist was.  

It is my hope to purchase another of the Turner prints for my oldest sister.  This way
we will each have a gorgeous Victorian women to play the piano and adorn our

You've made us extremely happy.  Thank you for all of your hard work compiling the
archives. I am sure there are many people, like me, who have been searching for the
information you offer.

I couldn't be more pleased.  It's like finding the map to a lifelong treasure.  

Thank you so much!     
R. Brownell McGrew

I received the book Archives of Victorian Art today and can’t wait to sit down and
read it cover to cover. If it is OK, after I finish I will contact you and tell you about my
paintings and ask you any questions about what I’ve read and how to possibly get
other books.
Thanks so much for your kind help.   

When I was a senior in High School in a little town in Idaho, my music teacher has our
quartet practice in her home.  On the wall above her baby grand was the picture of
Sonata.  I was always so attracted to it and never forgot it.  Years later I saw a print in
a store and it cost $35.00, too much for my budget at that time in 1978.  I never got it
out of my mind and didn't know who painted it.  I told a friend about it and she got on
the Internet and found a picture and info about it.  I now own a 22 X 28 print of it.  I'd
like to know about the artist.  Even so, I really treasure it. There is just something
about her that makes it hard to stop looking at her and wondering ...........   
M. Ditlef

I can clearly remember in the early 50's when my two uncles came in bringing this large
picture to their sister (my mother).  She  had a degree in music  and played the piano.  
I thought it was the most beautiful picture I had ever seen.  For years it hung over our
piano and I remember staring at it when I would have to memorize music for a recital.  
I'm sure that my mother gave it to my sister because I haven't seen it in years.  I didn't
know the picture's name or the artist but was able to find one and promptly purchased
The name is
"Sonata" and the artist is M. Ditlef  

It is the type of art that is enduring and haunting and that you never forget.  I'm
somehow at peace now that I can look at it any time I want.  It brings back all of those
hours that I practiced  the piano and stared at it and all of the time wondering what
the girl at the piano was playing and what she was thinking.

I have the picture Interlude by Antoni Ditlef.  It hung in my grandmother's
parlor all my life and now hangs proudly in my home.  I am looking for any info on the
picture and the artist.  I am also curious about it's value, if any other then sentimental.
Anything you can share with me will be greatly appreciated.  
Antoni Ditlef
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